SLIM Bone Broth Bar

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Product Size: 1 case of 12 bars
Servings Per Container: 12


SLIM Bone Broth Bar 


This Fudge-y, Chocolate-Dipped Bar is Packed With Our Most POPULAR Protein Powder: SLIM Bone Broth Protein Isolate.

SLIM Bone Broth Bar is not your run-of-the-mill “clean” protein bar. Unlike whey protein bars containing significant amounts of milk sugar lactose (hello, bloating and diarrhea!)...

Bone Broth Bar Gives You a Healthy Dose of Bone Broth Protein Derived from Real, Grass-Fed Beef from Sweden

Every bar contains 12g of pure protein with NO stomach-turning whey protein or milk sugar lactose. This protein blend features Bone Broth Protein Isolate--containing similar amino acids and nutrients as bone broth...without the hassle.

The beef used in this protein bar is the same HydroBEEF™ in my SLIM Bone Broth Protein Isolate. As I’ve told you before, this HydroBEEF™ is the highest quality and purest protein in the world--derived from real, grass-fed beef from Sweden.

When you eat my protein bars, you only get the VERY BEST ingredients!

Supports Your Body’s Collagen Production For Wrinkle-Free Skin, Beautiful Hair, and Healthy Joints*

There are many protein bars out there, but not many can boast 70% collagen like the SLIM Bone Broth Bar! Even better, each SLIM Bone Broth Bar is rich in collagen, gelatin, proline, and alanine--JUST like bone broth. Remember, collagen is the glue that holds your body together: I’m talking about your skin, hair, joints, and most importantly--your gut.*

Every bite of SLIM Bone Broth Bar you take helps slow down your aging clock--so you see smoother, brighter skin in the mirror even faster. You soothe your achy joints. And, you heal your leaky, inflamed gut!*

High in Fiber to Heal Your Leaky Gut and Keep Your Waistline Slim*

Eating more fiber in your diet helps you drop extra pounds and keeps you lean. That’s because researchers link obesity to a leaky, inflamed gut. Which is why you trim your waistline through fighting inflammation. And guess what? The good bacteria that keeps your gut healthy have a favorite food: FIBER!*

Each SLIM Bone Broth Bar contains 11g of clean fiber--that’s almost half of your daily dose of fiber! With every bite, you help heal your leaky gut and FIGHT inflammation.*

Healthy Fats to Support Fat Burn and Rev Up Your Metabolism*

Packed with coconut oil and sunflower seed butter, this bar gives you a boost of energy (not a blood sugar spike!). Plus, these healthy fats rev up your metabolism. So, instead of putting weight on you, they take the weight off.*

Grab-And-Go Bar Packed with Enough Clean Nutrients for a Full Meal

No matter how jam-packed your schedule, this Bone Broth Diet 80/20 Plan-approved bar satiates your appetite, keeping you full for hours. When you have zero time to cook breakfast in the morning or need an immediate post-workout refuel...this meal replacement bar is your go-to. Keep a stash in your pantry, in your bag, or in your desk drawer for immediate hunger relief!

Tastes Like a Fudge Brownie Coated in Chocolate

Are you a chocoholic like I am? SLIM Bone Broth Bar’s texture is reminiscent of a piece of chewy caramel, with the taste of chocolate fudge...dipped in more chocolate!  SLIM Bone Broth Bar’s chocolate coating curbs your sugar craving (Sayonara, Sugar Demon!) without impacting your blood sugar levels. That’s because this bar has NO added sugars or artificial sweeteners!*

How is this Bar Different From SLIM Chocolate Bar with Fiber?  

SLIM Chocolate Bar with Fiber gives you 11g of Fiber like SLIM Bone Broth Bar and healthy fats--without the Bone Broth Protein Isolate. So, eat SLIM Chocolate Bar with Fiber as a quick mini-snack if you’re on the 80/20 Maintenance plan. And the SLIM Bone Broth Bar is a more filling, protein-rich (with collagen!) mini-meal for 80/20 dieters.

They’re both GREAT for your body and waistline--and are best eaten in different parts of your day.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
I want more!

I ordered it thinking I wanted to make sure I had always these on hand. My last info said it’s back ordered for two months. Very disappointed. The consistency is a bit tough on the initial bite into the bar. If you have jaw issues, make sure it’s not cold or warm in your pocket briefly.

**** broth bar

This bar is sooooo good! My background (past 20yrs) is as a fitness professional. I have experimented with many bars for myself and my clients. Even though this bar is a bit chewy at first, the flavor and the results far outweigh the initial texture. Kudos Dr. Kellyann!!!!!!! Leslie Florida

**** Broth Bars

Taste better than chocolate!

Slim **** Broth Bar

Did not like the bars. The taste is just ok, and they are too difficult to chew and/or break off a piece. On trying to break off a piece, the chocolate flaked all over. I do really like the Chocolate Almond Shake. It has a great flavor.

Slim **** Broth Bars

Great taste! Delicious! Who knew **** broth could taste better than chocolate!


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