10 Day Belly Slimdown Collagen Product Pack

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What’s included in the box? (Other than the future, slimmer you, of course.)

In each pack, you’ll get:

  • 5 SLIM Collagen Shakes in Chocolate Almond (who can argue with chocolate?)
  • 5 SLIM Collagen Shakes in Vanilla Almond (fresh, creamy...and filling!)
  • 10 SLIM Collagen Broths To-Go (hello, happy joints and skin!) 

Yes, this is the kit to kick off your body-transforming 10-Day Belly Slimdown! 

The 10-Day Belly Slimdown Collagen Product Pack provides all the shakes you will need during your 10-day slimdown (one shake per day) and provides one broth for each day on The 10-Day Belly Slimdown (everyone is different and you may need more broth).

Use the SLIM Collagen Shakes for your daily Slimming Shake. These clean, low-carb, grass-fed collagen protein packets (5 SLIM Collagen Shakes in Chocolate Almond and 5 SLIM Collagen Shakes in Vanilla Almond) give you all the collagen protein you need during your 10-Day Belly Slimdown. And they’re incredibly delicious, ensuring that you won’t miss unhealthy sweet treats one bit!.


During the Broth Burning or Broth Loading phase of the Slimdown, use the SLIM Collagen Broth. You’ll get enough in the pack for one convenient (and tasty) cup per day.

Remember that bone broth is packed with amazing stuff like…

  • Collagen to smooth those wrinkles*
  • Glycine to soothe and heal that irritated gut*
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin to ease those achy joints.*
I always recommend that you drink lots of that bone broth “liquid gold” (keeping you satiated and satisfied during the Slimdown!).

To have enough during the Slimdown, you’ll either want to make your own delicious bone broth or, if convenience is the key to your success, you can pick up more SLIM Collagen Broth so you have plenty to power through.

What if you’re not on The 10-Day Belly Slimdown? No problem! This product pack is also a great variety pack of Dr. Kellyann’s best SLIM Collagen products so you can get and stay healthy...conveniently!

Haven’t heard of The 10-Day Belly Slimdown? If you’re ready to feel sexy, look incredible, and fit into those sassy skinny jeans again… The 10-Day Belly Slimdown is a great way to get there...and fast!

In The 10-Day Belly Slimdown, I share my powerful, proven plan for blasting belly fat quickly and safely.

My three-part program consists of:

  • Mini-Fasting
  • Bone Broth “Burning” and “Loading” 
  • Collagen-Rich Shakes

And you know that by slimming down your belly, you’ll also enjoy these incredible benefits:

  • Reduced body-wide inflammation*
  • Healthy-range blood pressure levels*
  • Cells that are once again able to regulate blood sugar levels*
  • Happy, balanced out hormones.*

But to get all these benefits, you need to lose weight in a health-supporting way. The 10-Day Belly Slimdown has the proven, triple punch formula for blasting the fat away!

Just imagine pulling on your favorite pants that you stored away years ago...and finding that they fit once again. Visualize trying on that slinky cocktail dress and getting tons of compliments on your next evening out. And don’t forget receiving that clean bill of health from your doctor.

By taking good care of yourself and losing the belly fat, you’ll stay healthy and ageless! (No surgeries needed.)*

You now have access to the powerful Slimdown formula detailed in my new book and I know you’re ready to get started. We’ve made it SUPER EASY for you to lose weight effortlessly with this amazing pack of my favorite SLIM products.

Get ready to feel incredible with these delicious, convenient, nutritious foods that will melt that fat right off!

Customer Reviews

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I think it is a great idea

I love it

Awesome broth!

I first purchased Dr. Kellyann’s book 10 day Belly Slimdown. I liked what I read, so decided to give it a try. I then purchased the collagen product pack. I followed the 10-day food plan outlined in her book. The only change I made was I had collagen bone broth twice a day and skipped the collagen shake. I am happy to report that I lost 7 lbs. in 10 days. I am not a big fan of diets and in fact never dieted in my life, I was fortunate I never had to, but after early menopause (I was 41) I gained 15 lbs. which I just couldn’t get rid of - - hoping to lose another 5-10 lbs. by continuing Dr. Kellyann’s plan.

Just begining

Just starting the program. not a monk fruit sweetner fan - too sweet. Chocolate Almond was good.


10 Day Belly Slimdown Collagen Product Pack

Yummy Drinks

Tried Orange Cream, Vanilla and chocolate and loved them alllllll!!!!!

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