Bone Broth Diet Journal

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During any transition, it's normal to feel a little lost or misguided on your path, even with the Dr. Kellyann Team there to help you.

That's why I highly recommend journaling... It's one of the most effective ways to overcome obstacles, produce insight, and succeed in your transformation.

Writing about issues that are specific to you and your body can help you identify problem foods, triggers, and cravings that set you back, so you can then make corrections and set yourself up for greater success.

In this 21-day journal, you can record what you eat, how you feel, and how your body -- and your life -- is changing during this amazing diet.

In addition, journaling is proven to help you:

  • reduce your stress*
  • get to know yourself better*
  • remove mental blocks*
  • clarify your thoughts and feelings*
  • solve problems more effectively*
  • determine where you stand on challenges*
  • create more targeted planning* 

All great reasons to journal!

Get your official Bone Broth food journal today.

Why a 21 Day Journal? Because every 21 days your body resets itself, so what a better period of time to journal and make a recorded, conscious effort to help it reset back to health!


Customer Reviews

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Tiny but fierce

When this thin, tiny, book arrived at my house i was quite disappointed. For $12 really? But! I found it SO helpful in keeping myself organized and motivated thru the 21 days. I even used it twice. Don’t be fooled by its looks, it’s a powerful tool to help you get thru the rough days, see your progress, and see when the 21 days is over!!

It is helping me with my journey

I have told a few friends of mine about your diet and hopefully they will try it.

Very happy with the results so far.
Dianne Z.

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