Beef & Chicken Combo SLIM Broth

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Get the best of both - Beef SLIM Bone Broth and Chicken SLIM Bone Broth in one convenient pack! Each combo pack gives you equal quantities of beef and chicken. 


Ships Frozen, with dry ice (continental USA only) in 24-ounce BPA-free pouches

SLIM Bone Broth

From New York to Hollywood, bone broth is the hottest craze around. Everyone’s drinking it now, from movie stars to athletes.

Why? Because bone broth is delicious—and it does amazing things for your body!

Benefits of Bone Broth

When you drink bone broth, you load your cells with:

  • Wrinkle-blasting collagen*
  • Gut-healing glycine*
  • Joint-protecting glucosamine and chondroitin*
  • Inflammation-fighting properties that help you lose weight*

Good broth takes time – so I’ve done all the work for you

If you’re like me, you don’t have time to spend a day or more simmering a pot of bone broth. That’s why I’m offering my own line of high-quality, ready-to-use bone broths. These broths are great for:

  • Drinking straight from a mug on a cold morning!
  • Adding to soups and stews for incredible flavor AND amazing health benefits
  • Using as a substitute for water or wine in recipes. Add flavor and health-boosting benefits to sauces, dressings and your favorite homemade meals!

Pure organic. Pure health.

When it comes to food, I’m a fanatic about quality and purity. These broths contain only the finest organic ingredients and pure filtered water, and they’re packed in 24-ounce BPA-free pouches.

Delivered right to your door

My bone broth ships directly to your door, packed in dry ice to keep it frozen. Just heat and enjoy—it’s that simple to get bone-deep nutrition!

Organic, Free-Range Chicken SLIM Broth

This warm, luscious broth will satisfy you down to your toes. It’s flavored with onions, parsley, and garlic and simmered for 24 hours with a touch of vinegar to draw even more nutrients out of the bone.

  • Made from the bones of organic, pastured chickens, it’s packed with deep nutrition.
  • Keep some on hand during cold and flu season!

Organic, Grass-Fed Beef SLIM Broth

This rich, mellow broth is simmered for a full 24 hours with onions, garlic, parsley, and apple cider vinegar.

Made from the bones of pasture-raised cows, it’s brimming with:

  • Wrinkle-fighting collagen
  • Anti-inflammatory amino acids
  • Other powerful nutrients

Beef Broth Ingredients: Filtered water, organic grass-fed beef bones, organic onion, organic garlic, organic apple cider vinegar, celtic sea salt, organic parsley, organic turmeric. 

Chicken Broth Ingredients: Filtered water, organic free-range chicken bones, organic onion, organic garlic, organic apple cider vinegar, celtic sea salt, organic parsley, organic turmeric.


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
So delicious!

Easily the best bone broth out there! Best flavor! Love the frozen broth and for on-the-go, I love her Slim Collagen Broth - also delicious!

Good Broth

Both the beef and chicken have a good flavor and are not salty at all (something I was afraid of!). This fall and winter I can see it being the base of my leftover soup for lunch or dinner (all the leftovers in the fridge plus some spinach leaves = a meal in a few minutes).

Best Broth of all!

I’ve tried many other brands and this one blows them all away! It’s the only one that has the gelatin in it - that’s the gold! It is delicious and filling! Best broth hands down. Only negative is how expensive!

Bone Broth Combo

We drank one of the beef and chicken bone broth as part of the 21 day bone broth diet. I thought it had a good flavor, but my husband didn't care for it. It is pricey, but I assume it is good quality so that is the reason for the high price.

Beef &chicken bone broth

I absolutely loved the chicken! The beef is awesome for cooking with but I’m not a fan of sipping beef flavor. Just personal preference. But I’m definitely ordering more chicken!


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