21-Day Slim Down Program

21-Day Slim Down Program

  • $ 19700

45 Instructional Videos  |  7 Interactive Online Guides
21 days of inspirational emails  |  4 eBooks
Valuable Coupon  |  3 Webinar Recordings


Need to shed the winter weight you put on over the last few months?
Or maybe your body could use The Ultimate Spring Clean to flush out all the toxins and reset your system to optimal health?

The 21-Day Slim Down Program is just what you need to lose weight and see a healthier slimmer YOU in just 3 weeks!


Your 21-Day BONE BROTH DIET Easier!

Order NOW and start losing the weight and the wrinkles with INSTANT ACCESS to these EXTRA RESOURCES and TOOLS that make your transformational journey CLEARER, EASIER, and MORE SUCCESSFUL...


Includes 45 Instructional eCourse Videos!

It's like having Dr. Kellyann teach you all about the Bone Broth Diet!
Watch professionally-produced how-to videos with training, cooking demos, and more...

Makes learning the Bone Broth Diet Quick, Easy and Fun!


Topics Include

  • Why This Diet is Different
  • #1: Inflammation 
  • #2: A Sick, Leaky Gut
  • What is Bone Broth & Why Is It So Powerful?
  • Weight Loss Benefits of Bone Broth
  • Anti-Aging Benefits of Bone Broth
  • Joint Healing Benefits of Bone Broth
  • Developing a SLIM Mindset To Keep the Weight Off Forever
  • PLUS video cooking demos to make chicken, beef, turkey, and fish bone broth at home…
  • Mary's Hot and Sour Soup for Fighting Cellulite
  • Watercress Soup for Weight Loss
  • Red Bell Pepper Soup for Healthy Hormones
  • Shiitake Mushroom Soup for Healing
  • And dozens more easy-as-it-gets instructional videos!

7 Interactive Slideshows

In addition to the Videos, these interactive slideshows help you master the eating and lifestyle habits to be healthy and trim for the rest of your life!


  • A Sampling of Foods You'll Enjoy on this Diet
  • 7 Reasons Bone Broth Diet Foods are Super Stars
  • Meet Regular People Bone Broth Diet Success Stories
  • Kissing the "No" Foods Goodbye...Temporarily
  • Why Is the Sugar Demon So Powerful?
  • Is It the Carb Flu…or Are You Really Hungry?
  • How Much "Personal Play" Is Right For You?


21 Days of Inspirational Emails
~Dr. Kellyann’s Top Strategies & Tips~
Daily learning and motivation to keep you succeeding full steam ahead!
  • Why doing the Bone Broth Diet is different this time...!
  • What to do when the Sugar Demon tries to derail your diet…
  • How to get through diet days where you feel tired, wired, cranky, and weird…
  • How to gain control over stress you may feel during (and after) this diet…
  • The trick that helps heal your gut faster so you start seeing beautiful skin, a slim body, and radiant health sooner…
  • And more!

One email each day with the most critical information and motivation you need to get the BEST RESULTS from your 21 days.


4 eBooks

Sign up now and get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to these 4 core INSTANT DOWNLOAD ebooks!

($76 value)

Digital Book #1: Quick Start Guide

$19.00 value

Dr. Kellyann adopted the same program she prescribed even to her sickest, most obese patients and documented the entire program into an instantly downloadable step-by-step guide.


This 21-Day Bone Broth Diet Guide provides a fast and easy way to improve your health, drop weight quickly and safely – without starving – and look and feel younger from the inside out… with REAL, measurable results that last.



Digital Book #2: Bone Broth PLUS Diet - 80/20

$19.00 value

This 80/20 is a maintenance guide. It’s your go-to information and resource after you finish the 21-Day Bone Broth Diet to keep you on track and boosts your results.

Highly flexible and realistic to our everyday living, this guide gives you 3 doable options for maintaining and even increasing your wins.



Digital Book #3: The Sugar Demon

$19.00 value

No matter how hooked you may be (most of us are, incidentally), you can beat this guy! You can distance yourself. You don’t need to let him take you down. Learn sneaky tricks and every tip to Slay Your Sugar Demon and WIN the great health and weight loss battle.


Digital Book #4: Bone Broth Diet FAQ's


The Ultimate FAQ Guide To Transform You

Dr. Kellyann answers 135 questions about Bone Broth, Mini-Fasting and Weight Loss. Questions like:

  • Will I get too thin if I stay on the full plan?
  • Will I still lose weight after the 21 days?
  • I’m so happy I lost weight and feel great! But, what’s next?
  • My concern is the sugar cravings.
  • What can I do to lessen them? Mine are really bad.
  • The main struggle for me is stress eating. What should I do?
  • Can you drink regular store-bought bone broth?
  • And more! Answers to the most-asked questions while doing the Bone Broth Diet.

Get 10% off a one-time shopping spree in the Dr Kellyann Store!

Included in this Slim Down program is a one-time coupon for 10% anything you want in the DrKellyann.com Store—additional programs, supplements, and yes, even fresh and instant bone broth. Everything you’ll find in the Store was specifically designed to boost your results on the Bone Broth Diet.

Includes our most popular products such as:

  • Fresh Bone Broth
  • SLIM Collagen Broth To Go
  • SLIM Bone Broth Protein Isolate (the best grass-fed protein powder available)
  • SLIM Chocolate Bars
  • Supplements
  • And more!

3 Webinar Recordings

We recorded a 3-part webinar of Dr. Kellyann answering questions and teaching Bone Broth-ers key lessons for you to listen in on. Now yours to watch as many times as you’d like so you can master the Bone Broth eating lifestyle with the help of Dr. Kellyann recorded live on video.

Get all these insider resources in
The 21-Day Slim Down Program

  • 45 Instructional Videos
  • 7 Interactive Slideshows
  • 21 Days of Inspirational Emails
  • Digital Book #1: Quick Start Guide
  • Digital Book #2: 80/20 Maintenance Guide
  • Digital Book #3: The Sugar Demon
  • Digital Book #4: The Bone Broth Diet FAQ’s
  • 10% Discount on the DrKellyann.com Store 
  • 3 Webinar Recordings with Dr. Kellyann teaching and answering questions


Clean Out Your Body!
Heal Your Gut!
Reduce Inflammation!
Lose Weight!
Look Younger!

You Got This, Just Do It!


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