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The Bone Broth PLUS Diet 80/20 program is the PERFECT solution when you find yourself in one of two places:

  • You're either in good health and your weight isn't a big problem, and you want to get even slimmer and healthier...

  • Or, you've already gone through the Bone Broth Diet and you still need to improve your health and lose more weight...

Now what?  

The Bone Broth PLUS Diet 80/20 program provides the structure and guidance you need to keep on track so you can achieve your healthiest, most beautiful body.

In this 21-page eBook, I give you 3 options for maintaining and even increasing your wins.

No matter what your needs are – more weight loss, more control over autoimmune issues, or simply a diet that makes it easy and delicious to keep extra pounds off and achieve EXTRAORDINARY health – you’ll find answers here!

The Bone Broth PLUS Diet 80/20 program takes all the guesswork out of what to eat and what else you can do to achieve to the absolute BEST version of YOU.

In addition, you’ll get straight answers from Dr. Kellyann on the most common questions, 5 smart strategies to stop “gotta-have-it” sugar cravings within seconds, 4 slash-your-stress strategies to instantly settle and recenter yourself when you're feeling vulnerable... and hundreds more tips and tricks that make it as easy as it gets to stick to your diet and SUCCEED in even the loftiest health and weight-loss goals. 

You'll receive instant access to downloadable PDF following purchase as well as a link in an email.  



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Concise but expensive.


Love it!

Bone Broth Diet

As much as I value your information, I would not buy products as they are too pricy for me.

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