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Skin Condition Protocol

If you have a moderate to severe auto-immune skin condition, it doesn’t just affect your skin – it affects every aspect of your life. Here’s just some of the damage it does:

• It causes you an enormous amount of stress...
• It changes how you dress...
• It makes you self-conscious and embarrassed...
• It limits your physical activity and your social life...
• It makes it harder for you to sleep...
• It can limit your career choices...
• It puts you at high risk for anxiety and depression...

And here’s something else you need to know: These ailments aren’t just skin diseases. Often, they’re also warning signs of worse illnesses to come.

That’s the bad news.

Now, here’s the GOOD news: You can heal your skin and protect your health at the same time. And I’m going to tell you how. 

The Secret Is In Healing Your Gut

Most people don't even know they're walking around with a sick gut, but the fact is that millions of people are.

Even fewer people know that virtually all auto-immune diseases spring from a sick gut that is not functioning properly. 

Eventually, the gut lining breaks down and inflammation is "leaked" throughout the rest of the body, which then leads to systemic reactions that cause auto-immune skin diseases.

The only way to heal your skin is at the SOURCE of this disease... and that is your sick gut. 

What causes a sick gut? Just one thing: the foods you eat. 

So even though it sounds like a big problem to fix, it's not. Healing your gut is as SIMPLE as eating the RIGHT foods... which happen to be DELICIOUS!

Anyone can heal themselves if they just know what to eat... That's why I wrote this book.

In it I will tell you, step-by-step, exactly how to drastically reduce and even totally eliminate your skin condition. It's done entirely through NEW foods I'll tell you to eat, and also by removing certain foods from your diet.

Once you heal your gut, your skin condition (and many other health conditions) will likely disappear.*

But I won’t kid you: It will take courage and commitment, and it will require you to make major changes to your lifestyle.

I know from thousands of men and women I've treated... that when YOU commit to the same DELICIOUS regimen I put my patients on, which I've outlined for you in this e-book, it will absolutely change your life.

This diet can heal your condition in a matter of weeks, so you can finally be FREE of the pain and embarrassment.

Plus, once you finish this protocol and adopt this delicious eating lifestyle, you'll look and feel YOUNGER! 

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My psoriasis has been improving, much less scaling. I am adding zinc to my supplement list. Love the bone broth. Both my husband and I are using two packets a day.

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