SLIM Collagen Shake - Chocolate Almond

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Features and Benefits

  • Boost weight loss without feeling hungry!
  • Easy to grab & go… quickly make a nutritious and delicious shake in seconds!
  • Recommended for the Bone Broth Diet and the 10-Day Belly Slimdown
  • Gluten, dairy, grain and soy free
  • Helps improve skin, gut health, hair, nails, and joint pain
  • STOP sugar cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth!

How to Use this Product on:

The Bone Broth Diet

Mix with coconut or almond milk and your favorite fruits and veggies… and use as a meal replacement.

On non-fasting days, mix it with water to have as a snack!

The 10-Day Belly Slimdown

Use as the protein source in your Slimming Shake.

80/20 Forever Plan

Mix with water and ice for a satisfying snack to help you feel fuller longer… or use it with your morning cup of coffee for an extra boost!

Health Benefits

Lose Weight

When you use SLIM Collagen Shakes to replace one of your meals each day… or when you use the SLIM Collagen Shakes as part of my 10-Day Belly Slimdown diet.

You’re going to trim up that belly, lose inches, and see the number on the scale move.

Here’s why:

  1. You’ll be reducing your caloric intake when you use SLIM Collagen Shakes as a meal replacement. Fewer calories in equals weight loss!
  2. The ingredients that I’ve included in the SLIM Collagen Shakes are all designed to help you increase your metabolism, shed pounds, and get on the path to the flat belly you’ve always wanted.
  3. The plans that I’ve created - The Bone Broth Diet, The 10-Day Belly Slimdown, and the 80/20 Forever Plan - are all designed specifically to help you drop those pounds!

But losing weight isn’t the only thing you’ll get from the SLIM Collagen Shakes…

Adding Collagen To Your Daily Diet Helps Your Body Rejuvenate

Collagen is one of the “unsung heroes” of our bodies. It helps keep our skin firm, our hair and nails looking great… and even helps your joints from getting achy and creaky.

In fact, a 6-month controlled study1 showed that within 6 months, 51% of patients reported a marked decrease in their joint pain after adding collagen to their daily diets.* (Plus another ingredient in the SLIM Collagen Shakes, chicory root, has also been shown2 to help with joint pain due to osteoarthritis!* You get double the help!)

Another study3 showed that just 8 weeks of daily collagen significantly improved skin elasticity compared to a placebo group.

And yet another study4 showed that collagen can help regrow thinning hair!

Talk about looking and feeling younger!

Can Help Reduce Inflammation

One of the magic ingredients in our SLIM Collagen Shakes is chicory root - which has been proven5 to increase your blood’s ability to flow through your body.

This means that your body is better able to repair inflammation and restore your tissues to their “normal” state…

Less inflammation equals less uncomfortable bloating!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Blood Sugar Issues

Adding to the impressive list of what collagen does for your body… it helps regulate your blood sugar6.

(and because we don’t use sugar or artificial sweeteners in our SLIM Collagen Shakes… this effect is amplified!)

Check out this review taken right from our product page:

Nutrition and Ingredients

In each packet of my SLIM Collagen Shakes, there are a host of ingredients that are designed specifically to help you feel and look better than ever before:

Grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen

Collagen has a host of benefits, including:

  • Helps you feel fuller, longer7
  • Helps curb your appetite7
  • Improves digestion8
  • Reduces joint pain9
  • Helps regrow hair10
  • Improves skin elasticity11
  • Helps regulate your blood sugar12
  • Helps liver function13

(This is why I’m all about collagen! It’s truly the hidden gem in our bodies!)

And because I only source my collagen from grass-fed beef (from Sweden!)… it’s simply the purest, best choice for your collagen supplement.

Prebiotic fiber (from chicory root)

Yet another hidden gem superfood, chicory root has been shown to reduce inflammation14, improve digestion (and relieve constipation15!), help manage joint pain16, and can even help in regulating blood sugar levels17.

Not to mention all the benefits of fiber itself - after all, when your digestive system is working right (all the way through)… your body is more able to rid itself of toxins and you’ll feel better and better every single day.


Almonds, aside from being delicious, are so good for you!

Studies have shown that almonds can help you increase healthy gut bacteria18and reduce your carb cravings19.

But the secret power of almonds lies in their ability to help reverse skin damage20! Now, not only do you have collagen on your skin’s side… but the almonds in my SLIM Collagen Shakes will help your skin feel firmer and younger!

Cocoa powder

Now, let’s be frank: cocoa powder is good ol’ chocolate. And who doesn’t love a taste of chocolate with their shake?

By including cocoa powder, I’ve helped curb that sweet-tooth craving that gets so many people off their plans… but there’s more to it than that.

Unsweetened cocoa powder, like what I’ve used in my SLIM Collagen Shake in Chocolate Almond, has been shown to:

Improve cardiovascular health21
Promote a healthy brain22
Help reduce blood pressure23
Improve your mood24

And, of course… it helps improve your skin!25 Adding cocoa powder to my SLIM Collagen Shake was a no-brainer when I realized that it could add to the power of collagen in giving you that youthful skin we all want!

It’s not JUST about the flavor, after all!

Dried egg white

Egg whites are so good for you. They’re low in fat, high in nutrition. And by including a pure, powdered egg white into my SLIM Collagen Shakes, I’m giving you the extra boost of protein to help you feel fuller, longer… curbing those afternoon cravings or “snack moments” that can derail you from the plan.

Coconut milk powder

Not only does coconut milk give my SLIM Collagen Shake its creamy taste… it’s good for your gut, too! Coconut milk has been shown to help reduce the size of ulcers because it helps protect your stomach lining26.

Plus it’s filling and fat burning27turning you into a weight-loss machine!

Sea salt

Getting the trace minerals in our diets that we need to replenish our bodies has been getting tougher - the soil our food is grown in is less nutrient rich than it used to be.

But those minerals are abundant in the ocean! Adding sea salt not only brings out the flavor of all the other amazing ingredients I’ve put into my SLIM Collagen Shakes, but it helps replenish your body with the minerals to help keep you balanced and healthy.

Monk fruit extract

There are no artificial sweeteners or sugar in my SLIM Collagen Shakes… but the reviews agree they sure are tasty anyway!

Monk fruit is sweeter than any other sweetener on the market... and it doesn’t affect your blood sugar level. This means you won’t feel that “drop” of blood sugar an hour or two after finishing your shake. (This is usually where people go foraging for more food - to get their blood sugar back up!)

PLUS monk fruit has been shown to fight fatigue28… leaving SLIM Collagen Shake as the ONLY choice for an afternoon pick-me-up or a morning addition to your cup of coffee!

Dr. KellyAnn's Brain Boosting Breakfast Recipe

Directions: Combine using blender.

How to Order

Ordering your SLIM Collagen Shake in Chocolate Almond is easy.

Simply choose how many boxes you would like (you have the option of 3, 5, or 10 boxes at a time - each box has 7 pre-measured packets) and add them to your cart.

And if you love these shakes as much as I do, you can save an additional 10% on EVERY order by choosing the Subscribe option - you’ll automatically receive a new shipment at the interval of your choice!


Each package is fulfilled within two business days and we ship every weekday. We do not ship on the weekends.

We have a $9 Flat Rate Shipping cost.

Ingredients:Grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen, Prebiotic fiber (from chicory root), Almonds, Cocoa powder, Dried egg white, Coconut milk powder, Sea salt, Monk fruit extract. Contains: Almond, Egg, and Coconut.

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews

SLIM Collagen Shake - Chocolate Almond

Chocolate Almond

tastes like a 5 star dessert!


Just started but so far it's great

Shake, rattle, and on the go made easy...

Having the chocolate shakes available makes it easier to stick to a healthy eating plan while having a busy - on the go - life.


So delicious that I look forward to having it every morning. I put half an avacado, spinach leaves, and a handful of berries I it. It comes out creamy and feels like a dessert :)


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